CBCT in Palm Beach, FL

What is a CBCT Scan?

When you head to a dentist near you for a checkup, one of the most important things that a dentist can do is to be able to identify and diagnose potential issues. While most of us know about x-rays, there are now more advanced types of technology that help dentists find problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. One such technology that dentists use is a CBCT scan in West Palm Beach. We use this latest technology to improve the quality of 3D scanning and the speed at which we can treat patients and improve the overall patient experience.

A CBCT Scan stands for cone beam computed tomography. It is a 3D x-ray scan of a patient’s mouth that is augmented by a computer, making it faster than standard 2D x-rays and, thanks to the computer, more detailed.

Benefits of a CBCT Scan

As we mentioned, the CBCT scan has several benefits in dentistry.

Taking one 3D image of a patient’s mouth is much more efficient and less invasive than multiple traditional x-rays. We can use this technology instead of dental impressions for a clearer mouth image.

Second, there’s less room for error with a CBCT scan near you, meaning it’s much less likely that you’ll have to take the image again or wait for more x-rays before the dentist can do their job.

Lastly, it allows a dentist to find issues that otherwise may not be detectable and thus will normally go untreated.

What Are Some Common Uses of a CBCT Scan?

CBCT scans are mostly diagnostic, so dentists can use them to look for issues a dentist cannot see with a manual examination. They can be used to check for unseen cavities, oral lesions, damage, and, most notably, oral cancer.

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