Periodontal Treatment in Palm Beach, FL


Platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin help the body recover faster from dental procedures and surgeries with less pain. Your own blood is taken as a sample and infused with white blood cell rich plasma and fibrin. This is then injected back into the patient, where the plasma gets to work helping your wounds heal faster and with less pain. This procedure may seem invasive but is relatively painless and quick to complete.

While this procedure is not a necessity, it is a more holistic way of helping your body heal after a dental procedure and is very popular with patients who request it. Because the healing occurs faster than usual, there is less chance of dry sockets, infection, failed grafts or dental implants West Palm Beach. This procedure is especially helpful to those who otherwise might have impaired healing such as diabetics, smokers, and others with conditions which can interfere with healing.

Lasers have been used in a dental capacity since the late 90’s and have been approved for use by the American Dental Association. One of the biggest advancements in dental technology has come from the development of dental lasers. Lasers are transmitters of light and energy. This means they are used as safe cutting tools for soft tissue like the gums and surrounding areas.

Lasers are used to treat:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Biopsy

Our West Palm Beach Dentist team prides themselves in using only the latest technology for our patients. Dental lasers are incredibly effective and safe. Call today if you have any questions about the equipment that we use to improve your smile.

Wisdom Teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth is one of the oldest modern dental procedures. After the permanent teeth have erupted, third molars will begin to erupt in the back of the mouth. These teeth may not cause problems for everyone, but they can sometimes erupt horizontally, pushing the other molars, causing substantial pain. When this happens, it is recommended that the molars be extracted, as they are not necessary for oral functions.

If left alone, some wisdom teeth that have become impacted can cause a wide array of issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause alignment issues later in life, making procedures like implant surgery more difficult. While the idea of tooth extraction may seem arduous, local anesthesia will remove any discomfort during the procedure. Don’t hesitate to give our office a call if you have any questions about how we perform this procedure

A frenectomy is a simple surgery that involves the removal of one or more frenum from the mouth. A frenum Is a piece of connective tissue that attaches one surface of the mouth to another. If the attachment of the frenum is too low, they are usually removed on infants and young children because they can impair mouth function. Sometimes frenum are referred to as ‘tongue ties’ or ‘lip ties.’

Frenectomies are safe and common procedures performed with a soft tissue laser that gently cuts the connective tissue, allowing it to heal normally and restore function to the mouth. If left untouched, frenum can cause problems with speaking and eating with adults and can even lead to the development of speech impediments. If removed as a child, the mouth will continue to develop normally, and no other procedures should be needed. While this procedure involves cutting the frenum, it is a relatively painless for the affected infants and children.

Tissue regeneration

While your teeth are held in place by bone and other soft tissues, periodontal disease can cause bone and these tissues to deteriorate. Using regenerative procedures your dentist can stimulate the growth of new tissues. By healing the bone in the affected area, the gums are given the space and time they need to grow back and are able to support teeth in a more stable way. Getting this tissue to regrow will also extend the life of the affected tooth, so that an extraction and implant are not needed.


  • Bone growth
  • Gum regeneration
  • Stronger tooth support
  • Less bacterial regrowth

First your dentist will place a membrane between the flap of gums and the bone, allowing the bone material to regrow itself over several days. Over time, the membrane and stitches will dissolve on their own, leaving a healthier structure for your teeth. Call today if you have any questions about how this procedure is performed.

Bone regeneration

After some patients have suffered longstanding periodontitis or other trauma, it is common that there be some loss of bone around the jaw and teeth. By helping the jaw bone to regrow, your teeth will be better seated in your jaw, eliminating issues with loose teeth. Bone regeneration is achieved by placing a membrane with tissue-stimulating proteins to the affected area, encouraging your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone.


  • Healthier gums
  • Stronger hold on teeth
  • Reduces swelling
  • Promotes growth of healthy tissue
  • Allows use of implants

Your dentist near me will also use local anesthesia to reduce any discomfort you may feel. Keeping healthy hygiene habits after the treatment is done is extremely important to keeping the affected are healthy. Are you in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach and in need of periodontal treatment in Palm Beach, FL? Visit our clinic today. If you have any questions about this procedure don’t hesitate to call.

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