Understanding Dental Emergencies Just As Important As Getting Emergency Treatment

Understanding Dental Emergencies Just As Important As Getting Emergency Treatment

Mar 01, 2020

Seeking prompt attention if you are suffering from a dental problem from your dentist should be an objective you have in mind at all times. However, what can you do with the emergency that occurs on a holiday or weekend? Getting the treatment you need for what you believe is a dental emergency it certainly important but even more important is the fact to understand the difference between a typical dental issue and one that needs prompt attention.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Many people may experience some dental or oral pain from time to time. While some problems can wait for the regular hours of the dentist the others may demand timely attention to get relief from pain or to prevent any serious infection.

People encountering dental pain and searching for emergency dentistry near me need to understand emergency dental care is needed to address trauma to the mouth broken teeth along with loosened or broken fillings. Having said that, it must also be mentioned that patients will not find it easy to determine whether their specific affliction needs emergency dental care or not.

Many patients often rush to the emergency room at a hospital with the belief that the staff at such facilities can provide them the treatment needed. This even in conditions when they can easily visit the dentist in Palm Beach, FL and request for an out of turn appointment the dentists are willing to provide to accommodate patients with an emergency. Emergency rooms at hospitals though equipped to handle medical emergencies are not legally authorized to handle a dental emergency unless they have staff from a dental college among them. Patients will only receive some antibiotics or pain medications and will be asked to contact their regular dentist for any treatment that is needed. This eventually means that patients are making two visits to the doctor and spending additional money when they can easily avoid the additional expenditure by understanding what dental emergency is.

How Can Patients Identify Whether They Need Emergency Dentistry?

Patients must ask themselves the following questions to determine whether they are suffering from a dental or oral emergency.

  • Are they experiencing severe pain or bleeding?
  • Have they lost a tooth that could have been saved with prompt treatment?
  • Do they have a loose adult tooth?
  • Are they displaying any sign of an infection including fever, swelling around the gums or face, and a foul smell?

Prompt attention from emergency dentist West Palm Beach, should be sought if patients answer in the positive to any of the above questions. One of the dental professionals at this clinic will arrange an immediate appointment for the patient for the necessary treatment.

What Cannot Be Considered As a Fit Case for Emergency Dentistry?

If the dental problem experienced by the patient can wait for a day or two the need to seek attention from emergency dentistry ceases to exist. In some cases, oral problems that seem critical may not be as serious as patients believe. For example, a chipped or cracked tooth that doesn’t hurt or have sharp fragments that could harm the mouth cannot be considered as a case for emergency dentistry and can wait until the regular dentist hours. Patients do not need to visit emergency dentistry just for a mild toothache unless the pain is manageable and the patient is not displaying any signs of an abscess or bumps on the gums, swelling in the face or high fever.

Lost fillings or crowns can wait for a few days until patients can visit their regular dentist 33407. Patients that lose a crown can try to temporarily fix it back using over-the-counter dental cement or dental adhesive. Patients with a lost filling can temporarily insert a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity until they meet their regular cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach.

Why Is Emergency Dentistry Important?

John S Ledakis, DDS, PA, stresses that prompt dental treatment can help to preserve the teeth and function while reducing the risks of serious infections that can have long-term consequences. Emergency dentistry can help in alleviating severe pain allowing the patients to continue meeting work and family responsibilities. Emergency dentistry is also an alternative for traditional emergency rooms that can only offer limited care while charging exorbitant fees for the treatment.

Therefore it is suggested that patients attempt to understand dental emergencies just as they consider emergency dentistry important for maintaining their oral health.

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