What Happens When You Avoid Root Canal Therapy?

What Happens When You Avoid Root Canal Therapy?

Aug 01, 2020

Your dentist has intimated to you that the infection in your tooth can only be removed by root canal therapy. Dental anxiety may encourage you to avoid the treatment or shirk out of the issue because of financial reasons. What can happen if you decide not to undergo a root canal as recommended by your dentist?

Root canal treatment near you becomes necessary because the pulp, which is the soft tissue within the tooth consisting of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels deep within the root of your tooth becomes infected. The infection could have occurred due to an injury, a chip or crack in the tooth or a cavity ignored for long because of dental anxiety. Root canal therapy is feared by many people because the procedure requires an access hole to be drilled on the crown of the tooth to access the pulp and remove it before sealing the tooth for preventing infections again.

Can’t a Tooth Needing Root Canal Heal by Itself?

The infected pulp within the tooth is not capable of healing itself, and the only method available to treat the infection is for performing root canal treatment. Many patients approaching the West Palm Beach dentist believe the infection has healed itself because they no longer feel any pain in their tooth. Things are, however, entirely different because the nerves inside the tooth are dead, and therefore the patient no longer feels any pain. However, the infection is still alive and continues to wreak havoc by itself. Left untreated, the bacterial infection spreads to your jaw, your blood, your brain, and your entire body.

What Is the Alternative for Root Canal Treatment?

The sole alternative for root canal treatment is the extraction of the tooth because it results in the infected pulp being extracted as well. If the infection is allowed to progress without any treatment, the entire tooth will be lost to decay and disease. The alternatives both require surgery for placing dental implants to avoid the shifting of the other teeth and to maintain the bite.

The dentist West Palm Beach, FL, wants to ensure patients and retain their natural teeth for as long as possible because it is not only comfortable but can help the teeth to stimulate the jawbone and prevent it from deteriorating.

If dental anxiety is bothering you, it will help you if you discussed sedation dentistry with the dentist who recommended root canal therapy in Palm Beach, FL. You will undoubtedly be offered different methods of sedation that will make it convenient for you to have the treatment performed by John S Ledakis, DDS, PA, painlessly without fear.

Avoiding root canal treatment is an option you should not consider after reading that the only solution to treat your infected pulp is to have the tooth extracted. Antibiotics are not beneficial against the infection, and fillings will not help you either. If you want to maintain proper dental and overall health, you must undergo root canal treatment because it is essential to achieve your goal.

Delaying the treatment is not an option either because the bacterial infection can spread to other parts of your mouth, putting you at risk of severe dental problems along with other medical conditions. The disease can also result in a dental abscess, which is a pus-filled sac that requires prompt medical attention. Leave the dental abscess untreated, and you are inviting severe complications like strokes, heart attacks, or life-threatening sepsis.

Root canal treatment is not as painful as imagined or believed in the past. Modern anesthesia, combined with the expertise of the dental professional, has made a root canal no more painful than getting a tooth filled. You are unlikely to remember any of the procedure because of the sedation administered by the dentist 33407.

The treatment will allow you to have your natural tooth in your mouth for many years as the success rate of root canals is high. It would help if you had a dental crown to protect the tooth rendered weak by the procedure, but it is again helpful for you to maintain your smile and functionality of your mouth efficiently. Rather than avoid this procedure, which can help to preserve your natural tooth, you must attempt to finish the process as soon as possible and eliminate the infection out of your mouth.

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