What To Eat After Teeth Whitening At Dental Office

What To Eat After Teeth Whitening At Dental Office

Apr 01, 2023

After a tooth whitening procedure, you’d want the results to last. Tooth whitening treatments enhance the beauty of our teeth by getting rid of stains. Being mindful of what we eat the first few days after the procedure can help maintain the smile for longer. At John S. Ledakis, DDS, PA, we recommend our patients to a strict diet that involves avoiding certain beverages and foods likely to stain their teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening in Palm Beach, FL, is an efficient and surest way of brightening your smile. In-office teeth whitening procedures are short, but they will depend on your needs. During the process, the dentist will use a shade chart guide to determine your teeth’ shade and discuss how lighter your teeth should be after whitening. This prevents your teeth from being overly whitened, which may look fake.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

There are three factors responsible for teeth discoloration, which includes acids, chromogens, and tannins. These elements in our foods can stain the enamel or weaken it. While avoiding most food substances mentioned here may seem complicated, it will only be for two to three days after treatment.

Temperature Guide After Whitening

This is a straightforward way to protect your teeth from bruising and staining while eating or drinking after teeth whitening. Your teeth are highly susceptible to extreme cold and hot substances, which can result in discomfort and damage. Taking foods and drinks that are room temperature will lessen the chances of your teeth from staining and prevent sensitivity.

What To Avoid

  • Wine. Both white and red wines are harmful to your teeth. The red wine is highly pigmented and acidic, which may lead to stains. White wine, although lighter in color, is acidic and may break down the enamel.

  • Carbonated Drinks. If it’s fizzling, don’t drink it. Soft drinks have a high sugar content and acid, which can erode the enamel. High-pigmented beverages such as colas can also contribute to teeth discoloration. Taking soft drinks even when you aren’t from having a whitening procedure can help you have healthier and brighter teeth.

  • Tea and Coffee. While it may be hard to kick off your coffee or tea addiction for a few days, avoiding them will prevent your teeth from darkening. Coffee and tea contain tannins that darken your teeth’ color after building up over time. After teeth whitening, your teeth are most porous, leading to tannins staining faster. If you can’t go without any of it throughout the day, try taking it using a straw and minimizing contact with your teeth.

  • Dark Fruits. Dark-colored fruits are highly pigmented with elements that could stain your teeth. If the fruit is also acidic, it also leads to enamel erosion. Avoid fruits such as cherries and berries.

  • Chocolate & Candy. Refined sugars will lead to erosion, decay, and discoloration. Particularly when your teeth are sensitive after a whitening treatment, right after the procedure, avoid chocolate and artificially colored candies and snacks.

  • Tobacco. Whether chewing it or smoking it from an e-cigarette, tobacco can cause yellowing of your enamel which is hard to remove. In addition, quitting tobacco intake is excellent for your teeth and overall health.

What You Can Have

Now that you are aware of what to avoid, here is what our dentist in West Palm Beach, FL recommends.

  • Porridge. You can add milk to this one and enjoy a bowl of it. Instead of sugar, use a sweetener until the 48-hour window is over.

  • Yoghurt and Cheese. Take plain or white yogurt and cheese, and avoid ones that are artificially colored, flavored, and sugary.

  • Pasta, Rice & Bread. A lot of grains are safe to have after teeth whitening. However, avoid pasta and bread with food coloring ingredients that can transfer into your teeth. While eating pasta, avoid sauces such as green pesto or tomato.

  • Fruits & Vegetables. It goes on light-colored fruits and vegetables such as pears, bananas, potatoes, and mushrooms. They are not only healthy for your body but your teeth too.

  • Water. If you need to hydrate, take water to refresh your body. Water will not stain your teeth or wear out your enamel. Make it your first-choice beverage.

  • Chicken, Fish & Tofu. Light and lean meat proteins are healthy and excellent after you’ve had teeth whitening near you. Just be mindful of the colorful sauces and seasonings with your white proteins.

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